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La Venaria Reale

La Venaria Reale
piazza della Repubblica, Venaria Reale (TO)
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The Venaria Reale is one of the most significant examples of European architecture and art’s splendour from the 17th and 18th Centuries.

The Palace, heart of the monumental complex was conceived to become the new centre of loisir at the time; it is today a centre of leisure and cultural production and offers a journey through art, history and architecture.

The opening of the Palace took place in October 2007, after more than two centuries of neglect and decay and eight intense years of restoration works, and was the final stage of this process: promoted by the EU and curated by the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport and by Regione Piemonte, it is considered the largest building site in Europe in the field of recuperation of cultural heritage.
The monumental building has a surface of eighty thousand square-metres and is composed of multiple bodies. It features, alone, some of the highest expressions of European Baroque: the Diana Hall, the seventeenth-century masterpiece by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the Great Gallery, the Saint Hubert Chapel, the Citroniera (Lemon Garden) and Scuderia Grande (Great Stables) complex, works of the eighteenth-century genius of Filippo Juvarra. To these, one must add the contemporary setup by Peter Greenaway on the life of the court.

From above, the Reggia presents an area of 950 thousand square metres among buildings and parks and is a pivot that articulates 80 hectares of Gardens (including the Great Fish-Pond with its 11 million litres of water), the historical town Centre, the Castle Village and the Cascina Rubbianetta (current seat of the prestigious Horse International Centre), within a landscape of woods and castles that fades in the 6000 hectares of greenery of the La Mandria park.

Inside the Gardens, on ground that stretches over three hectares, is Il Giardino delle Sculture Fluide (The Garden of Fluid Sculptures, TN) by Giuseppe Penone (realized thanks to the collaboration of Compagnia di San Paolo and Castello di Rivoli - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea): a setup of fourteen works inspired by Italian seventeenth-century gardens, in particular by the Giardino delle Fontane that Amedeo di Castellamonte had conceived for the Palace’s park. Realized between 2003 and 2007, it is structured as a sensorial place where materials in use (trees, marble, water, bronze, stone and granite) mark the passage from one sculpture to the next, in a continuous fluid state between elements, so as to unveil analogies between the mineral, vegetable and human worlds.

The Venaria Reale has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is at the centre of Piedmont’s Royal Palaces circuit, representing the access door for the "Corona di delitiae", connected to the Royal Pole and Turin’s concentric museum system.

The complex is run by the Consorzio di Valorizzazione Culturale La Venaria Reale, instituted by the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport with Regione Piemonte, Città di Venaria Reale and Compagnia di San Paolo. It is a Legal Entity founded upon articles 112 and 115 of the Cultural Heritage Code.
The Consorzio is seated within the Palace, in piazza della Repubblica, Venaria Reale.