With the collaboration of the Piedmont Cultural Observatory, the City of Turin promotes the “The Future of Contemporary” project, a listening, comparison and co-planning path, open to professionals in the sector, in order to build the best conditions to foster the expression of creativity to strengthen the fabric of artistic production in the City.

Starting from a consolidated situation, the need arises to return to reflect on the perspectives and possible trajectories of the whole system of contemporary art as a whole, in the light of significant changes in the urban territory and also in relation to the activities and projects promoted in this area from other European cities.

A first comparison with the operators of the sector, in which the orientations that are intended to be pursued with the Project were presented, was realized Saturday 4 November 2017 at the Meeting Point of Artissima.

In carrying out the project, the City of Turin has the role of directing and taking care of the organization, the communication of the works and the awareness actions of the actors called to participate, while the Piedmont Cultural Observatory (OCP) – through a group of specific work – has the function of technical - scientific support for the realization of the different phases and scheduled meetings.

The research starts from the need, felt by a multiplicity of institutional and non-institutional subjects, to take stock of the situation on the contemporary art system in Turin as well as on the projects and activities carried out in the city in this area.

To delve into the theme from different points of view, 5 strategic axes have been identified on which to stimulate a comparison and a discussion of several items:

  1. Artistic production in the territory + Talents and young artists.
  2. The production chains and contemporary art.
  3. Training for operators and artists.
  4. Interaction with the public.
  5. Exchange activities and international cooperation.

It is also important not to limit the field of study to visual art alone and to widen the scope of observation also to subjects and projects that have appeared on the scene in recent times for:

  • explore the contemporary in its various forms;
  • give space to a reflection on the ways in which contemporary art could be useful for the city;
  • to include the productive and creative world outside the narrow core of traditional stakeholders;
  • pay attention to the interweaving of the visual arts, the different forms of artistic and creative expression and the production chains of craftsmanship, especially for productions in identity crises, to verify the possibility of imagining new products and ways of doing;
  • investigate what ferments and what needs are emerging in the area.

The objective is to gather indications, suggestions, and productive availability that the City of Turin can think of supporting and encouraging within policies and specific implementation tools, including inter-sector or multi-sectoral ones (eg PRG, Regulation of common goods, incentives public art, etc.) to increase the vocation to the contemporary of the city in the international scene and increase its ability to attract talent and productive energy.

Discussion panel.

To deepen the themes, focusing on the availability, the problems and the needs of the operators, also considering the nature of the theme and the objectives set at the base of the project, it was considered appropriate to adopt a purely qualitative approach by providing 5 specific panels for discussion and comparison.

Panel 1 – 15 May 2018.

Reinforcement of the fabric of artistic production in the urban context.

For information: futurocontemporaneo@comune.torino.it.

City of Turin.
Culture Area, Visual Arts Service, Cinema, Theater.
Via San Francesco da Paola 3 - 10123 Turin.



Pomeriggi al borgo

Pomeriggi al borgo

Numerosi appuntamenti dedicati a famiglie, bambini e visitatori animeranno il Borgo Medioevale e la Rocca in alcuni pomeriggi estivi. Diverse le associazioni coinvolte nella programmazione. (...)


Assegnate le residenze artistiche piemontesi

Assegnate le residenze artistiche piemontesi

Sono state definite le progettualità che, in Piemonte, parteciperanno al nuovo programma triennale dedicato alle residenze artistiche e definito d’intesa tra il Ministero dei beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo e le Regioni. (...)


Edizione speciale dell’Art Fast Tour

Edizione speciale dell’Art Fast Tour

In Barriera di Milano prosegue il programma di visite Studi d’Artista. L’artista Alessandro Bulgini accompagnerà il pubblico nel quartiere, dando la possibilità a ognuno di diventare artista a sua volta. (...)


Città svelata e le OGR

Città svelata e le OGR

Alle OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, il prossimo 10 luglio 2018, gli architetti Maurizio Cilli e Maurizio Zucca, fondatori di “città svelata, ricerche e battaglie per la qualità dello spazio pubblico”, racconteranno con parole e immagini l’esperienza che condusse alla storica apertura al pubblico delle OGR, il giorno 25 maggio 1996. (...)


Architettiamo la città

Architettiamo la città

Architettiamo la città è il nome del ciclo di incontri che l’Ordine promuove con le Circoscrizioni, in collaborazione con l’Urban Center Metropolitano e la Fondazione per l’architettura / Torino, con il patrocinio della Città di Torino. (...)